“You have to have two incomes” and “Being a SAHM is for the wealthy”

I’m sick enough of hearing this that I am going to finally write a blog post about it.

The truth of it is a large number of women (and some men) stay home these days not because they are making enough money to afford the “luxury” but because they don’t make enough to afford childcare.

Don’t believe me?

Moms: I can’t afford to work

When Being a Stay-at-Home Mom Isn’t a Choice

The Real Face of Stay-At-Home Mothers: Those Who Have No Other Financial Option

Being a stay-at-home mom is a luxury? For some, maybe, but then so is childcare.

We’re not upper middle class. Not even close. Coming from where my husband and I have (the kind of poor homes where you only eat at school, don’t have a running car, and spend far too much time without electricity) just being middle class at all is a huge deal to us. Roof over head? Check. Running car? Check. Food in the kitchen? Check. Praise God! Growing up without sucks but as an adult it can give you a great perspective. When friends our age talk about not being able to afford kids because they still need that second SUV and a 4 bedroom house in a gated community we struggle to be understanding and not simply laugh in their faces, as harsh as that sounds.

It Comes Down to Wants vs Needs

Here’s the deal- it’s not that most people can’t afford to live on one income (though many can’t, granted) but rather that they can’t afford the luxuries they can on two incomes. Our house isn’t situated in a gated community, we drive one older car, own one TV, are frugal, cook most things from scratch, and try to be overall minimal and simple in our living style. Is this for everyone? No. And, more to the point, it doesn’t have to be. Our life isn’t for everyone and I have no issue with that but we run into a lot of problems in society when we think an elevated standard of living holds baring on what one can and can’t do. A baby needs shelter and food and that’s about it. Can’t afford a crib? We actually have never owned one (and in case you are new to the blog we have 5 kids). Granted, this was more by choice (we’re co-sleepers) but my point is that what we think we need is often times better described as what we want. We also never had baby monitors, a ton of toys for our infants (they’re infants), and our one baby carrier that we bought used lasted through all 5 kids and is still kicking. Thankfully I could breastfeed and also was able to learn to cook fairly quickly. And just in case people are wondering- no, we weren’t on any government assistance. Coming from where we did we refused that route.

I completely understand the urge to want to be comfortable and then some. I understand wanting luxury or at least to rub up against it. I’m not knocking it! What I am saying is we need to be far more honest with ourselves about wants vs needs. If you want these things for your family that’s fine but recognize them as wants, not needs.

Recently I read something somewhere about a couple that was heartbroken because they couldn’t afford to have a baby. Turns out they made more than we did when we were on number three yet these people were utterly paralyzed by the false idea that they need a lot to have a child. It can be done as long as you are willing to make sacrifices, you simply have to ask yourself what is more important. Prioritize. My husband and I wanted a family. Growing up poor was actually the least of the things that we hated about our childhoods, for us it was why we were poor (when addictions are more important than feeding your children your children are not going to have a happy childhood) and the general insanity of our horrible home lives. Having our own family was number one for us so, simply put, we made it work. In the beginning we lived in a one bedroom apartment and now in a four bedroom house. We had to pinch far more pennies than we do now and had less to save for a rainy day. Remember that starting off small does not mean ending up in the same place- you’re going to grow. There is hope for those of you out there feeling like you can’t responsibly have kids if you can’t give them that upper middle class and beyond upbringing. It’s hogwash! So what if your kids won’t have the latest game consoles or an expensive wardrobe? There are far worse fates. Ask me how I know.

Fear and the Shrew

Rhen asked me a good question on my post about what happened when I got out of my husband’s way:

Why, do you think, is it so important for so many wives to put down their husbands?…surely it should be obvious that if someone is linked to you long-term, it would be better to build him up rather than make him feel small. Have American women decided that the pleasures of exerting power over a husband (in direct and even brutal rather than in suble ways) are more important than the pleasures of a truly close relationship?

This answer will of course vary from woman to woman but in speaking for myself (and probably most American women) the answer is simple: fear.

We’re scared. Terrified, even. Will he step up? Will he abandon me emotionally/literally/etc? Is he capable of handling this?

It’s not exactly about putting our men down (obviously we are doing that but it’s not about that) but that we are issuing a challenge, a plea.

What the shrew says: “Where the hell are we? Did you miss a turn? Are you even paying attention? My God, you’re such an idiot!”

What the shrew means: “I’m scared we are lost. I’m worried we are going to be late. I’m scared that we might run out of gas and need assistance. I’m scared that you don’t know what you are doing because I need to be able to count on you.”

What the shrew says: “Great, you brought in some overtime. Do you really think that is going to magically fix all of our problems?”

What the shrew means: “I’m feeling insecure about our financial situation. I’m worried about money and feel as if you aren’t providing enough/are spending too much and aren’t aware of how bad things really are.” or “I don’t think you are seeing what is going on with us outside of your job/money which makes me feel like you have abandoned me.”

What the shrew says: “You’re such a dick!”

What the shrew means: “I feel like you aren’t listening to me. I’m afraid of abandonment and am feeling incredibly abandoned right now.”

Is this always true? No, of course not. But I did take those from real life things I have said to my husband or wanted to lash out at him with before I started to really self-examine.

Surprisingly a huge part of my submission (and just being nicer in general) has been to become aware of my own fears and stressors. I lash out when I am afraid or stressed about something to the point that my mouth just runs away from me. Being able to step back and ask myself what I am really upset about has been helpful. I play the statement I want to say in my head a few times and work back from there. “Where the hell are we, you idiot?!” moves back into “Crap, we’re lost!” which moves back into “I’m worried we’re going to be late” and “I’m worried something bad is going to happen.”

Along with this I had to learn to be far more open about my fears. My husband is not a mind reader and my yelling at him about things really only took away from the actual message. So now I am very forward with him about what is bothering me: “I am worried about X and I need you to reassure me.” The thing is that that stings. We’re a prideful bunch and are especially against showing any sort of weakness like that to our men. We’re strong! We’re empowered! We’re independent! So we wear a shield of thorns and carry a whip. I had to really swallow my pride in order to be that honest with my husband. I still do. It makes us feel weak because, well, that’s exactly what we are choosing to be in that moment. We have to show you as men our very real and very scary vulnerability and hope that you don’t hurt us. I understand that women are overly emotional to men and that that is fodder for many a hilarious joke but in reality our emotions do matter to us and being afraid is a huge deal. Like, the biggest deal. So we lash out out of fear because we are afraid of showing said fear (or even acknowledging it) and the only remedy for that is to do something really scary. The process isn’t a fun one, I’m not going to lie, but the benefits are undeniable. In order to have intimacy we women must show our vulnerability. We have to admit to how scared we really are underneath it all. That’s just not going to come easy for most modern women.

Something we realized about our marriage recently…

Just a quickie to relate an observation the husband and I had the other night while chatting- turns out since I have relinquished control (and, ya know, stopped being a horrible nagging shrew) he has become far more confident and competent in all areas of life including work. Pre-submission we were floating by, him only ever doing “just enough” because, well, he thought it was enough (we both did coming from where we did and all). But now everything has more than doubled for him- more money, better position, better work relations, etc. Coincidence? Nope. He actively started pushing for this, as he related to me, when he started to realize that he could.

When men do well at home they do well outside of the home and for the home.

Beating men down actually, if you can believe it, beats them down. The way we treat our men extends far beyond closed doors.

Slightly related: Ian Ironwood has a fantastic post over at The Red Pill Room for us ladies- Girl Game: Encouraging Your Captain To Lead This is the question I get asked the most here and have failed to really respond to (sorry!). Ironwood managed a far better and detailed answer than I could. Go read it!


Fight Bitterness

I already posted the first video on Twitter and Stingray did the same on her blog but I love it so much (and need the reminder in my own life) that I wanted to post it and the follow up video explaining the whys and the hows a bit more here on the blog. I’ve actually taken to listening to both a few times a week as my stress level goes up now that school has started and I am taking on all 5 kiddos. It’s a great reminder! I encourage all women to take a listen and really internalize it.

And yes, it is religious in nature but the concept is truly universal. Even if you’re an Atheist or not Christian you can benefit.

Now compare the above to this: 25 Things Men Should Know Before Marriage (h/t LibbyCarrots) Bitterness is not becoming, ladies!

Team Sofia

If a woman flaunts her sexuality and says she’s a feminist she is the best feminist ever, a real champion for the cause. If a woman flaunts her sexuality just because she wants to and if, worse yet, she does so in the vicinity of a man… well, and I’m paraphrasing feminist thought here, isn’t that just telling of our horribly misogynistic culture? Ah! It’s just so infuriating that a woman would do such a thing! It really just goes to show how far we have to go…

Did you read this: Feminism Or Sexism? Depends. Is It Beyonce’s VMAs or Vergara’s Emmys? You should. It sums up the issue with feminism in so many ways mainly these two points: 1) feminism doesn’t even know what feminism is or wants anymore and 2) feminism has become an accessory for western women, at best.

If anything shows how torn feminism itself is about what feminism itself is the praise and ire over Beyonce’s performance at the VMAs is it. Congrats, feminism! You’ve been reduced to a bunch of sparkly bums and lyrics about semen on dresses! But I get it, I really do. It’s about the empowerment. It’s about sex+. It’s about a woman up there being fierce and owning herself and her sexuality. But really, let’s be honest here, none of that really matters. What really matters is all of that in conjunction with the big F word displayed in the background: F-E-M-I-N-I-S-T. Her actions alone would have been vomit inducing for many a feminist but her actions weren’t alone, they were accompanied by that magical word that makes so many things right and so many things wrong simply based on its presence. (Edited to add: case in point)


Take a long hard look at what Beyonce put on display there because right there in a nice package for all to see is exactly why I am not a feminist. It’s a joke. I’m not about to jump on my soap box and say Beyonce needs to class it up and cover up, etc. Frankly- and I say this so much maybe it should be my subtitle but really- I don’t care. It’s not my cup of tea so I do this revolutionary thing and don’t watch it. But her whole display and the thunderous applause all over the country/world over the F word she defiantly stood in front of goes to show how utterly desperate and utterly worthless feminism is as a movement.

No, you don’t have to like the way Beyoncé writhes around in that leotard – or the slickness with which her image is controlled – but whether you like it or not, she’s accomplished what feminists have long struggled to do: She’s reached the masses. She has, literally, brought feminism into the living rooms of 12.4 million Americans. “Sure, it’s just the VMAs,” says Pozner. “She’s not marching in Ferguson or staffing a battered woman’s shelter, but through her performance millions of mainstream music fans are being challenged to think about feminism as something powerful, important, and yes, attractive. And let’s head off at the pass any of the usual hand-wringing about her sexuality — Madonna never put the word FEMINIST in glowing lights during a national awards show performance. This is, as we say… a major moment.”

(How to Reclaim the F-Word? Just Call Beyoncé)

Feminism isn’t something that can speak for itself, obviously, it’s all about the word. I mean Madonna did the same stuff but she never had the word, you guys. What we are seeing here, clearly, is feminism’s rebranding. Out with the important issues and in with the fierceness of women shaking their asses and taking no prisoners.

But, lest we forget, that whole thing is only feminist with the word. Enter Sofia Vergara…


This is sexist because it doesn’t overtly say it’s feminist, of course.

(The Emmys put Sofia Vergara on a rotating pedestal, and it was terrible)

If modern day feminist rhetoric is to be believed then any time a woman steps into the spotlight and flaunts herself is a feminist moment. Except, of course, when 1) the word itself isn’t being screamed/displayed/etc and/or 2) a man is present in a way that suggests he is anything but a lower being. What Sofia did above is objectification. How is it different from what Beyonce did? You mean besides the gyrating and sexually explicit lyrics? Sofia is lacking a sign telling us how to feel about it and, to add insult to injury, there’s a man there talking about things.

Why did I title this “Team Sofia”? Because, ladies, we are Sofia in this scenario- “empowered” in our own right, making a conscious decision (a choice) about our bodies and our lives, not feigning disgust over a man (or, heck, over an obvious joke) utilizing us, and all the while being downright infantilized by the feminist movement at large for it. Because even though it’s all about choice it has nothing to do with choice. Because even though it’s all about women it has nothing to do with women. Of course we aren’t literally Sofia and many of us wouldn’t chose to do what she did here (or wear what she wore, etc). The point is that feminism being what it is will never view women as equals. Sofia’s choice is entirely different than Beyonce’s and therefore entirely wrong- that is feminism. It’s not about bringing about equality and lessening the strife of women it’s about the complete ownership of women in a way that the patriarchy may or may not be kicking itself for never thinking of.

In case you didn’t read (or manage to get through) the Vox article I linked here is what Sofia had to say about the whole thing:

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly backstage, Vergara was asked if she found the bit sexist or demeaning. “I think its absolutely the opposite. It means that somebody can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself. I think it’s ridiculous that somebody started this — I know who she was — who has no sense of humor [and should] lighten up a little bit,” the magazine reports her as saying.

So there you have it, straight from her. But the reality is that Sofia doesn’t get a say. Heck, even Beyonce doesn’t get a say! It’s all about that word in big bold letters- that word that will liberate you in as far as you agree with its narrow idea of the concept or enslave you- you know, for your own good (poor Sofia up there being all objectified and such). And this just really drives that home, doesn’t it? Because, once again, feminism proves without any help whatsoever that it is not a movement for women but a movement entirely for itself.

“Keep your mouth shut” A Letter from a Feminist Reader and My Response

Hi, “Margery is an old lady name“!

First off, I’d like to apologize for it taking me so long to get back to your email. I’ve been away from the blog for a few months now and only recently returned to Twitter to participate in #WomenAgainstFeminism. I do want to get back to blogging but I’ve been so busy lately and so burned out that it’s been a pain just to organize my thoughts enough to sit down and get anything remotely meaningful posted.

Speaking of which, thanks for the motivation! I hope you don’t mind my responding to your email publicly. It’s just too good to not see the light of day. You’ve brought up some key feminist points here and I’d like to take the opportunity to respond to them and allow others to chew on both of our takes and maybe offer their own opinions. Please feel free to respond in the comments or via email, whichever is best for you.

You wrote… (click image to enlarge)

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 8.45.04 AM

As far as I can tell you are making 7 points here:

  1.  That this lifestyle is selfish (and therefore I am selfish) because it ignores the problems the world faces like overpopulation and animal rights in favor of some idyllic 1950s fantasy land.
  2. That both I and the women like me are lazy and serve no purpose because we don’t work outside of the home or, as you put it, have a real job.
  3. Feminism is actually a really great thing that you love and that I am very wrong about.
  4. Obviously being unaware of the plight of women in the Middle East (see point 1) I need to go live in a place like Iraq to see just how great feminism is and how wrong I am about life.
  5. Gender roles have been awful for you because you felt pigeonholed and they are also awful for men and if I was a decent and halfway intelligent human being I’d see that and reject them, too.
  6. I’m free to hate feminism but I’m not free to talk about it.
  7. I’m holding people (namely women, I assume) back.

1. “I feel like your “lifestyle” choice is very selfish. This is not the 50s. We have real problems in the world and we are overpopulated enough as it is with so many children without homes that our world doesn’t need women staying at home barefoot and pregnant poppin’ out tons of kids. We have animals being abused and enslaved, billions slaughtered inhumanely every year and we are killing our planet.. the planet your kids and your kids’ kids will inherit someday.”

Why my lifestyle choice as opposed to yours? What about it makes it inherently selfish? You seem to think that submissive wives are ipso facto unaware and uninterested in current affairs, the planet, the future, etc. You’re wrong. You’re very wrong. Sure, some wives (submissive or not) couldn’t care less. I’m not one of them, though. But I find that my lifestyle has little to do with my ability to give a damn about other things. If you read my blog and my Twitter feed this should be clear to you. I obviously am not just talking about my husband and kids here, right?

That said: home and family is important and worth one’s focus- even if it is sole or primary. Overpopulation is not a thing. I am hardly popping out kids all the time (I have 5. Michelle Duggar I am not). Factory farming is a horrible thing that we should all be aware of. Etc.

2. “So, why don’t you get a real job and make yourself useful? Try becoming a productive member of soceity and do something that the world actually needs you to do? Otherwise, you serve no purpose.. you’re just sucking air.”“I think women who their only goal in life is to be a wife and a mother and have a man take care of them are LAZY. Then they always argue “well being a mom is real work.. it’s a real job.. i earn my place” blah blah blah.. LAZY. You are a bump on a log.. and yes, I’m sorry but you are weak.”

Is childcare important? Education? Do you value teachers? Nannies? Do you need to eat? Have a clean home? Have accessible transportation? It’s the sign of an unhealthy obsession with money when the only time a person can be seen as serving a purpose is if there is a paycheck attached. If I wasn’t watching after my children, feeding them, educating them, etc someone else would be. But since they’d be being paid for it their jobs have value. The only way that that possibly makes sense is if money is the deciding factor in all things right and just in the world. If it is to you, fair enough. It’s not to me.

You accuse me of not thinking about the world my children will inherit when not only do I think about that but I am also concerned about the children this world will inherit. Children matter. By extension that people that rear them really matter.

3. “I am a feminist and you know what? I am a PROUD feminist. People use the word feminist in a derogatory way as if it’s supposed to be an insult.. saying feminists are man hating lesbians who hate God and are out of control. They’ll forever be single and miserable and single if they don’t learn there place in the world? The definition of feminism: the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. I don’t see anything wrong with that.”

Let’s get something out of the way- feminists can be happy, hot, blissfully coupled, etc. I don’t deny this. Denying it would serve no purpose as it is easily disproved. More to the point whether or not these types of feminists exist holds no sway over my opinion of feminism. I don’t think that way about feminists, you only assume that I do.

So far you have accused me of being a brainwashed mindless idiot that only pops out kids and otherwise serves no purpose. All of this is based in your world view that is deeply influenced by feminism- something you are PROUD of. You don’t see anything wrong with that? Yes, it all looks great when you’re toeing the line. But women like me? Women that reject the feminist ideal? Well, we’re told to keep our mouths shut and that we can’t possibly be worth anything. In fact, that’s exactly what you’ve said to me here. Feminism is bigger than a dictionary definition. I bet you can understand this because I bet you feel the same way about racism. Feminism as it stands now does not support women like me. I’d explain how and why but all you have to do is reread your email to me. Feminists themselves do not speak for all women nor do they support equality for all women. “Keep your mouth shut” Ring any bells?

4. “If you are so anti-feminism then maybe you should go live in Iraq and get a taste of that and then MAYBE you would change your stance a bit.”

Doubtful. But you might. Western feminism looks like a bunch of entitled women whining about ridiculous little things, most of which are of their own invention when you actually hold up to the real issues both men and women face around the world. This is another reason I’m not a feminist. Not only does the concerns of western feminists speak to how spoiled rotten they are but it also speaks to how little they care about men. “We need feminism because women in other countries…” let me stop you right there. Read this:

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 1.32.23 PM


5. “I fucking hate gender roles. All my life I’ve had an issue with being told how I am supposed to be to be accepted, but I’m also against them for the guys.. being told real men don’t cry, getting beat up or called gay if they wear pink or love to cook or anything seen as “girly”. It’s fucking sick. It’s narrow minded.. only morons think like that.”

I don’t like being told what to do, either. No, wait, that’s a lie. I don’t like being told what to do by anyone that isn’t my husband. This is just one of the reasons I reject feminism. As you yourself have made clear feminism is not open to women embracing traditional/natural gender roles. We’re mocked, we’re ridiculed, we’re told the only way to amount to something is to reject gender roles, full stop. And that’s not even getting into how traditional men are demonized!

I love gender roles. Can you point to a place where I have ever said that you have to, too? If you truly don’t then more power to you, dear. I couldn’t care less. Go out and flip them on their head all you want. But I value them and I don’t deny that they exist in most part due to the natural order of things. It’s really that simple.

6. “So you know if you wanna hate feminists then by all means that’s your choice, but do the rest of us a favor and keep your mouth shut”

I want you to reread your statement here. Now read it again. Really let what you are actually saying sink in here. Can you really say you support women? That feminism and thus you are really just about equality, voice, choice when you tell women like me our choices are wrong choice that need to be weeded out and that we shouldn’t ever speak if we disagree? “Keep your mouth shut” No, I don’t think I will. I think that women are smart enough to think and speak for themselves. I’m sorry you disagree.

I’ve said before that I get more misogyny from feminists than I do from men in general and traditional men in particular. Case in point.

7. “its people like you who are the ones holding people back who want to evolve as a species and move foward and progress.”

What does this even mean? I am not so self-absorbed that I think that what me and mine do in the privacy of our own home has huge ramifications for the entire world. It doesn’t. Now you may have a point if I was, say, marching on Washington demanding laws be made that keep women in the home, away from the polls, etc, but I’m not. I believe in equal treatment under the law. I believe in it so much that I am deeply disturbed by the fact that feminism is so against it. They demand equal outcome. They want the ratio of women to men in ideal professions and leadership positions to match up if not exceed. Equal outcome stands at complete odds with equal treatment. In order for this feminist utopia to come about we have to “level the playing field” which means we have to give women preferential treatment and leave men in the dust. That’s not equality, it’s supremacy. So no, I don’t agree with holding people back, that’s why I’m not a feminist.




A List of Things I Wanted to Tell You About While I Was Away

It’s been slightly over two months since my last post (!) and while I was gone there were so many things I wanted to tweet and/or blog about. Better late than never, right?:

  • Stop what you are doing and make corn tortillas from scratch. If not right this second put it on your list. You will not be disappointed (unless you don’t do grains. In which case ignore this first one, obviously).

  • IS EGG FREEZING REALLY THE PRO-WOMAN SOLUTION?” I’m going to ruin the end of the article for you but do read the whole thing:

    But it may be safer to suggest that what women really want is not a series of ten-thousand dollar hormonal injections that will allow them to have children just in time for their chemo treatments and hip replacements. Is this, along with an 80-hour work week, what they mean by “having it all”?
    What most women want is support that will allow them to have children during their natural fertility window. What women need are strong relationships—a prerequisite for the vulnerability that having a child will require.
    Egg freezing is ultimately just a small bandage on a deep wound, and it may prove to be a false hero in an ongoing battle.

  • This article in all its glory: America’s College Kids Are a Bunch of Mollycoddled Babies (It ought to terrify us that they’ll be running the country someday.)

    These are kids—and we’re talking about full-time “traditional” students on four-year campuses, not the job-holding, family-supporting, career-minded folks more apt to be found in community colleges, trade schools and the University of Phoenix—who have long been accustomed to getting their own way with just about everything, hovered over and indulged by their parents, praised (and grade-inflated) by their teachers and carefully cushioned from every form of risk, adversity and hardship.”       

    “And consider what the nation faces when this crop of prissy, protected and self-absorbed young people start running for office, leading the country, making foreign and domestic policies. Who will shelter them from everything they don’t already believe and welcome? How will they deal with a Putin or an Assad? A Snowden or a Madoff? Kiddie porn and hurricanes? Who will trigger their warnings, lest they become upset? Will they tackle such challenges, or just protest them?”

  • Namely for the Catholics out there- Alice von Hildebrand: “Man and Woman”. The video is an hour and a half and she can be hard to hear but it’s well worth the watch even if you only agree with 50% of what she puts out there.

I hope everyone has been well!

xoxo, Margery

Fit Friday #15

(About Fit Friday | This week’s Fit Friday)

How did you get moving this week?


  • 15lb Kettlebell swings | x15
  • 8lb dumbbell curl to press | x15
  • 8lb dumbbell row to rear fly | x15
  • 8lb dumbbell kickbacks | x15
  • 15lb Kettlebell swings | x15
  • Bicycles | x15
  • Reverse crunch | x15
  • Pilates roll-ups | x15
  • 15lb Kettlebell swings | x15
  • 40lb sandbag deadlift | x15
  • 40lb sandbag weighted glute bridge | x15
  • 15lb Kettlebell swings | x15

I was coming down with whatever bug my husband and kids had over the weekend so this workout was pure murder on me. It took way longer than it should have and I just felt like utter crap. Tooting my own horn here, because I persevered! But I did have a hard time staying on my feet all day and my walk suffered, only got in 20 or 30 minutes very slow paced.


I was sick as a dog today. I did some stretches in bed.


Managed a slow paced 45 minute walk.


Was abnormally exhausted today (pretty sure getting over cold related) but managed some brief arm exercises and stretching. Plank. Didn’t bother to keep track. 20 kettlebell swings.


Made a point to do something more today.

  • 15lb Kettlebell swings | x15
  • 8lb dumbbell curl to press | x15
  • 8lb dumbbell row to rear fly | x15
  • 8lb dumbbell kickbacks | x15
  • 15lb Kettlebell swings | x15
  • Bicycles | x15
  • Reverse crunch | x15
  • Pilates roll-ups | x15
  • 15lb Kettlebell swings | x15
  • 40lb sandbag deadlift | x15
  • 40lb sandbag weighted glute bridge | x15
  • 15lb Kettlebell swings | x15

What was your go-to healthy food item or meal?

I could not get enough of oranges and cuties.

What song got you moving?

What are your plans for next week?

I want to keep up with the routine I have set out here as well as getting my miles in and easing back into Yoga with sun salutation work.

An Example of How Some Feminists Attempt to Silence

“I’m registering my concern and giving you a chance to change.”

She said this after threatening to email the Tweeter and her meaning is clear- agree with me, toe the line, or else. Feminists like to say they are the only one’s that are being silences, harassed, threatened especially online. This isn’t the case. In fact, in my own experience I have gotten far more flack from feminists than I have from others when I was a loud and proud feminist myself.

Take a look at how a simple inquiry turned into this:

The thread can be found here.

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Fit Friday #11-#13

I know, I know- I missed Fit Friday #11 and #12. I have been staying more active, doing random spurts of yoga, kettlebell stuff, etc but haven’t been tracking anything. This Fit Friday is no different. I couldn’t tell you, essentially, what I have been doing except vague stuff like “yoga on Tuesday”. How long? No idea, I just did it. I’m feeling out of sorts, really disorganized of late, and the fitness stuff is no exception. My lack of tracking accounts for my lack of reporting though that is hardly an excuse. So my Fit Fridays pretty much look like this:

Monday: did nothing

Tuesday: did stuff- walking, yoga, kettlebell stuff

Wednesday: yoga, I think

Thursday: random kettlebell stuff when I got a minute

Friday: “hike” with family

And that’s all just from memory. I think I did random yoga stuff on Tuesday but it could have been Wednesday. That’s how blech I am right now.

How did you get moving this week?

Excepting one bad day I reached my FitBit step goal. Random spurts of being “fit” throughout the day when I get a moment to myself. Have been on my feet much more. I have been chatting with RPW from time to time and am doing that while in the kitchen, mostly.

What was your go-to healthy food item or meal?

Pink Lady apples. They are my favorite and were on sale recently.

What song got you moving?

Fell in love with the song on the GoT season 4 trailer a few weeks back. It’s been accompanying me on my walks.

What are your plans for next week?

To be more mindful of what I am and am not doing. To focus more on a schedule and keeping track. I’d like to get more kettlebell and yoga work in consistently.